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Why movingweather ?

  • Animated, easy to read up to 7 day weather & 4 day oceanic forecasts, for areas as small as your local town, to the entire World, viewable in as little as 10 minute segments.
  • Access anywhere in the World from anywhere in the World, with minimal data roaming and Satellite phone charges, due to compressed data files
  • Accurate forecasts from NOAA for wind, rain, temperature, cloud cover, pressure & humidity; and wave and swell height and direction for all oceans.
  • Accurate wave and swell height & direction forecasts for the Mediterranean and Black seas, provided by Cyprus University.


  • movingweather uses the smallest of download files, requiring minimal internet connectivity thereby enabling you to get your forecast cheaply under data roaming.
  • Customizable to your own preferences, including saved locations.
  • Full subscriptions (desktop version) comes with full support including remote installation, and a mobile app free.
  • The ability to send and receive your forecasts via email, making them accessible via Mobile & Satellite phones and Iridium Yellowbrick..
  • I have used movingweather for a number of years and have found it very good, easy to use and displays all you need to assist in plotting your voyage. It has a good display and symbols, which make it easy to follow the weather in your area. I would recommend to all sailors.

    Andy MacSharry

    Owner of "Andreas Ahon"
  • I find the movingweather system very user friendly and a great asset in my passage planning. Many thanks for a very useful window on the weather.

    Paula Taylor of "Endless Summer"

    Owner of "Endless Summer"
  • We have used movingweather for a number of years now and wouldn't dream of planning a trip without consulting it, nor would we leave port without it installed on our trusty laptop. We have found it to be the most reliable forecast available. On the odd occasion that I have needed help with an update or query, it has been available without delay, most impressive!

    Marshall McCleery

    Owner of "Westlin"
  • I found movingweather to work very satisfactorily even using a slow Iridium link. I sailed from Antigua to Grenada and the forecasting was spot on!

    Robert Holbrook

    MD of "Admiral Marine Insurance"