The Launch of movingweather at the Excel Boat Show, London

At the Excel Boat Show in London we launched movingweather with great success, with our stand being one of the busiest in the show. movingweather is a global service and draws its data directly from orbiting satellites, providing animated weather data from 3 hours to 7 days out, shown by way of between 5 to 30 minute intervals and is updated every six hours. It provides you with an animated graphical weather forecast, for the region you want in a format of your choice. By enabling you to select the exact area, forecast period and type of weather that you need, movingweather reduces the amount of data required making the system highly efficient and effective even over slow connections, or data roaming. It has been designed for all water users as well as anyone who requires constant accurate weather information. You can keep this ‘packet’ of data on your computer, play and re-play the animating weather, wherever and whenever you want. You can pause the ‘animation’ at the right time before your trip to see what the weather conditions will be like. It’s that up to date, it’s that easy to use, and it’s ‘On Demand’.

What’s more, you can get your forecast on your laptop anywhere in the world for anywhere in the world, with minimal internet connectivity thereby keeping your mobile phone or satellite connections costs as low as possible. And the subscription entitles you to unlimited downloads so you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Want to see how it works? Register here and get the program for free with a 14 day trial period which includes unlimited downloads during that period. Don’t forget to watch our instructions tutorial so you can get the best of movingweather!