The release of movingweather 3.0.3.

We are pleased to bring you our latest update which includes:

1. The final version of upto 4 days forecast of Wave and Swell Height and Direction for the Mediterranean and Black seas, when the Sea data option has been purchased. The weather data is provided to us by the University of Cyprus.

2. The error which caused movingweather to close when trying to zooming In or select a very small area has been remedied.

3. Fix for the error arsing when getting a ½ degree forecast.

4. A revision to the Autoupdate system, to simplify all future updates.

5. The format under Wind settings, see below, as now been remedied to enable you to select only Integer values, and remove decimal points. See below.

6. The addition of the original movingweather map colours to the map colour palette.

7. Improvements to the settings for temperature shade, wind shade and wind isolines to improve visibility.

8. Revisions to the Selected areas option to reduce the overlap of the forecasts.